My Beauty Products Shopping Made Easy

As most of you have noticed, I am adding a lot of beauty related posts on both of my blogs. That is actually part of one of my goals this year, to get more serious about my skin care and beauty regimen

Everyday is a crazy day with endless mommy duties and freelance jobs to finish. In other words, I am busier than a bee. So when it comes to shopping for my personal stuff like makeups and beauty products, I most likely resort to trusted online shops.

I cannot imagine how it would have been without online shopping. Stressful? Exhausting? Dramatic? lol... Oh my, I guess that would make me cry! Online Shopping is perfect and pretty practical most especially for busy moms like me. Online shopping saves me a lot of time and gives me an option to choose from a wide range of products. I need an online shop that could cater my beauty and personal care needs and It should also offer wide array of convenient payment methods.

What I also love about online shopping, I could get to discover and try new brands that were not available in my local area. (How could you resist these babies?)


There are many online shops you can try. Zalora offers a variety of beauty products.  They sell different branded products on a very reasonable price. It is nice to see that they sell the brands I use which makes my shopping more convenient. All that I need in one shop, on reasonable tags and they also offer free shipping on any order of P1,000 or more. Not only beauty products, they also sell shoes, clothing, accessories, bags and many more. Sign up to their newsletter and you will instantly qualify for P250 voucher that you could use in shopping.

Where do you usually shop for beauty products?

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