There is always something that makes the kids so excited about Sunday. Aside from the reason that Sunday is the day their mind and body take a rest from a week of school, it is also a day when they could spend the whole day with family.

As parents, do you set a Sunday Routine when you and the kids could bond and do things together? It is the perfect day for all of you to loosen up after a crazy week. 

Here are my recommended Sunday Routines you can do together with your family.

SUNDAY MASS. Attending Sunday Mass with your family could also help a family relationship gets closer to each other and to God.

ACTIVITIES. Help the kids with their homework or project. It will also boost their interest towards their studies. You can also cook together and teach them something new.

MOVIES. It could be costly so you could do this once or twice a month. Your kids are sure to enjoy this experience and will sure to remember til they grow old. However, it is also good to watch at home and just download movies online or buy dvds.

PICNIC. Take the kids to the nearest theme park and bring some foods with you. It is always nice to hear good music wherever you go so it is also ideal to take a bose portable speaker as your music companion on your whole Sunday bonding which you can connect to your music phone or Ipod.