If you're the mother of several kids, it's hard to make time for yourself and look your best. But we're here to help. Here's how to look beautiful on the fly.

How is it that celebrity moms can have two toddlers on their hips while still looking like they just stepped off the runway? Looking clean, calm, and beautiful while taking care of multiple little kids might seem like an unattainable dream only the elite can get, but that's just not true.
While you might not be able to rock the designer clothes that celebrity moms do, you can learn how to look beautiful without taking time away from taking care of your kids.

Between wiping stuffed noses, preparing school lunches, and running after your two-year-old, you can look (and feel!) amazing. Keep reading to learn our tops tips for looking great fast.

Wash Your Hair at Night
Most kids wake up pretty early, which means that mom has to be up even earlier. Getting a good night's sleep is essential for not only your physical appearance (hello undereye bags!) but also for your health.
So let yourself sleep a bit longer by taking care of your shower at night. You'll wake up with fresh and clean hair without having to take the time to shower at the busiest part of the day.
Showering at night will also help you relax after a long, busy day with the kids. Make your shower or bath time a time for your to unwind after spending the whole day worried about other people. Break out your favorite soaps, shampoos, bath salts, lotions, etc.
This will help you both look and feel more beautiful (especially after those messy days at the park or doing arts an crafts with little ones).

Find a Quick and Easy Hairstyle
Since you've washed your hair the night before, you'll be all ready to do your hair in the morning right when you get up.
If you decide not to wash your hair at night, you might not have time to fully dry your hair in the morning. If that's the case, try blowdrying the roots only instead of all of your hair. This only takes a couple of minutes as opposed to 10 or more minutes for your whole head.
For a really quick and easy hairstyle, try braiding your hair after the shower the night before. Then, in the morning, take out your braids to reveal perfect and natural waves that you don't have to do anything to.
You can also go for the simple messy bun. This trendy hairstyle will match any outfit and any situation while also being practical: it keeps your hair out of your face and away from grabbing baby hands.
Take the time to read more about some trendy hairstyles you can try. Find one that you can do quickly, but don't forget that you want to really like it, too! Having a hairstyle you love will do wonders for your confidence, so try a few different ones out to see which work for you!

Simplify Your Makeup Routine
Before kids, we had the luxury of sitting in front of the mirror for 45 minutes perfecting a smoky eye, the perfect blush, bronzer contours, etc. Now that kids are in the picture, a 10 minute or less routine is basically the only option.
So simplify your makeup routine to be able to fit in this time crunch. We recommend focusing on three things: foundation, concealer, and mascara.
These are going to make you look like you put effort into your makeup without you having to spend almost an hour on it. The foundation will give you a perfectly even look and the concealer will help cover up any blemishes, undereye bags, pimples, etc.
And you don't need a whole eyeshadow palette to make your eyes pop. A few swipes of mascara will do the trick.

Narrow Down Your Wardrobe
Most moms wake up, brush their teeth, quickly grab a snack, throw on the first thing in their closet, and are out the door with the kids on the way to school. But if you have way too many clothes, the first things you grab could be your maternity jeans and an old cheetah print blouse.

By narrowing down your closet to only clothes that you like and that fit well, you'll be guaranteed to grab stylish and well-fitting clothes even on those grab-and-go days.
Make sure every item in your closet is comfortable, something you like, and modern. You can also get rid of anything that's permanently stained with baby food, dirt, paint, etc.
Keep some "play" clothes, like sweatpants and pajamas, for relaxing at home, but avoid the classic "mom in sweatpants" look when you leave the house. You'll just look tired and frazzled (and those clothes make you feel that way as well).

Spice up your look with accessories. This is where you should get creative and add something to your every day look that you love. You'll feel great, which will make you look even better.
Do you have a favorite purse? Make that an everyday addition. Shop for that stylish bags in Baginning. Want to wear that statement necklace? Go for it!
You can even accessorize with non-clothing items. What about a bright red lipstick? Or a few spritzes of your favorite perfume?
Some of these things might not outwardly make you look more beautiful, but you'll feel confident and gorgeous, which translates to you looking better.

How to Look Beautiful with a Time Crunch: Wrapping Up
Many moms feel guilty for taking time out of their day to spend time on themselves. But taking a few minutes to follow these tips on how to look beautiful will make you feel so much better about yourself throughout the day.
We're used to giving everything to our kids, but you're allowed (and should!) spend time on yourself too.
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