4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

When it comes to renovation, people often put too much focus on the decor of the home and ignore a key essential factor that establishes the feel of the space: the floors. The flooring you choose for your renovation will play a major role in the feel, look, and ambiance of the room.

However, choosing the perfect flooring can be hard and expensive. There are a number of factors that you have to consider to get the right look and ensure that they endure for a while. The following are just a few tips to help guide you in picking the best floors for your home renovation.

1. Tailor to Your Lifestyle
How you live in your home is a huge factor in choosing which type of flooring is best for the space you’re renovating. If you have a family and pets, your home probably experiences some heavy foot traffic. A home that experiences a lot of activity needs flooring that can withstand the job at hand.

Plush carpet, for example, would not be ideal for this type of scenario. If your home has heavy traffic through it frequently, you’ll want to consider wood, ceramic tile, or vinyl flooring. For someone who experiences minimal traffic throughout their house, carpeting could be an option for you. The placement of these floors is another thing to consider. Where you may need resilient floors in one room, you could do with plush carpeting in another.

2. Location in Your Home

The room you’re refurbishing is a huge determiner in which floors you choose. For instance, the floors you put in your foyer or entryway must be durable but give your guests a good impression. If the area you live experiences a lot of mud, snow, or rain, you may want to consider wood, slate, or tile. Place entry mats outside the house to ensure there is no slippage.

If you live in an area like Bucks County carpet throughout the main living areas might be the way to go, especially for the cold winters. The flooring in the bedrooms should be so comfortable that you can walk with your bare feet.

Flooring in the bathrooms, the laundry room, and other utility rooms should be able to resist water, meaning that hardwood or laminate wood is not recommended. The high moisture in these rooms can cause the floors to warp, damaging the wood permanently. 

3. Consider the Environment

Protecting the environment is a major concern for many people in today’s society. If you’re looking to be more sustainable, then consider bamboo wood, cork flooring, or recycled glass tiles.

These new types of floors have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, if you choose cork flooring, then you can expect it to be good at absorbing water but terrible for those who wear high heels. Other types of flooring that are currently trendy and environmentally-friendly include exposed and stained concrete.

4. Know Your Style

Renovating is all about styling your rooms into something else. While many people do refurbish their home based on their own preferences, there are many who just try to follow the trend. Following what’s current can be hard if it clashes with your natural style.

As much as you may want to follow the trends, things will be so much easier if you just go with what you like. Think about the patterns and colors that you like and take that into account as you choose your floors. Does the texture of luxuriously thick carpet speak to you? Do the sleek lines of tile or the rich grain of hardwood fit into the decor that you have in mind? Think about how all these elements will work together.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to change up the look of your living spaces, really consider the time and money it will take to do so. Do your research and plan in advance. Most importantly, do what you want in the process. It can be fun if you follow your style and have everything lined up. 

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