Practical Family Decisions During Emotional Times

Even during emotional periods, you have to make sure that you can always make rational decisions regarding your family. That might sound easy when someone tells it to you, but it is one of those things that is much easier said than done. Especially when it comes to your family, your emotional attachments tend to bubble to the surface, which can make your decision-making process blurry when it needs to be very concrete.

Think of some examples where you have to make sure practicality is a higher priority than emotional considerations. If there is a split between two parents, decisions have to be made about child custody. Everyone is going to say that what they want is the best for the child, but much of the rationale will come from emotional places rather than practical ones. The same goes for child support. When parents split, financial situations are going to change, and it’s essential that whatever financial arrangement is made, the child’s well-being is at the center of it, not the desires of the parents. A final situation that can be very emotional but needs to be done within a practical framework is if you are moving your aging parents in with you instead of putting them in a nursing home or sending them to a retirement community. All of the practical elements need to be considered before making this decision.

Child Custody

When it comes to laws about child custody, attorneys and legislatures always try to do what is best for the child. It is their job to try to be as practical as possible in the face of a very emotional decision by parents. When all of the facts are in, it should point to a particular pattern of child custody. However, sometimes one or both parents do not agree with the arrangement because they have allowed their emotions to cloud their ability to see the holistic sense of the situation. It’s very important that parents get emotional support for their mental states, that they can’t let irrationality creep into the official decision-making process.

Child Support

When it comes to figuring out child support payments, this should be a cut and dry system. There should be numbers associated with financial need, and there should be numbers associated with the income and expenses of each of the parents. Unfortunately, this is another case where emotions can ruin people’s ability to see a situation clearly. Standards of living are going to change when a couple divorces, and if there is some disagreement about where those standards are heading for the adults and children in the situation, then there will be conflict.

Moving Parents In

Another decision that should be made from a practical standpoint that is often made from an emotional perspective is when an adult decides to move their parent into their household. Perhaps a parent can’t take care of themselves anymore, and their adult child has to figure out the best way to create a safe and comfortable living space for them. If the logistics of that decision are not in favor of a good result, tense relationships can become even worse.


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