How to Prepare Your House for Professional Cleaning

People hire professional cleaning services for a variety of reasons - some do not have the time to do it themselves due to a busy work schedule, others prefer to have someone else do the cleaning so they can use the time for tasks of higher priority, and then there are people who do simply because they can afford it. Whichever the reason is, there is nothing wrong with hairing a professional to do the job so that you can be confident the outcome will be desirable.

Paying for professional cleaning does not mean that you are completely off the hook, though. You can’t just hire the cleaners and expect them to do everything you want done around the house. There are still a number of things that you can do to make sure that you get the most out of the cleaner’s visit. Here are some of the things that each homeowner can try to do before and during cleaning sessions to receive better results:

1. Tell Them What You Want Done
While professional cleaners are well-trained and knowledgeable in several cleaning practices for different parts of the house, every homeowner has their own preference on how they want the cleaning to be done. Because of this, having you present and available to answer any questions they might have can make their work a lot easier and tailored to your satisfaction. You can give them tips on how to navigate between rooms better especially if your house has an unusual layout, or you can ask them to prioritize certain tasks to make sure that they complete it early on the cleaning date. Normally you would instruct them to do tasks you don’t enjoy doing yourself - unclogging toilet bowls, scrubbing the bathroom floor and its walls, or cleaning under the kitchen sink - so that in case you can’t afford a second day of their services, the leftover tasks are less daunting for you to do personally.
If you can’t be there because of work or sudden appointments, you can also leave out a note including instructions on tasks to prioritize as well as any specifics you might like. Just be sure not to overstep - you want to help them clean better, not micromanage their every move.

2. Declutter Before They Arrive
You are hiring professionals to clean your house, not organize your belongings. While they can certainly help you sort out your things around the house, every minute spent doing that is a minute not spent on actually cleaning around. Try to remove clutter before the cleaners arrive - pick up your dirty clothes, put your food away, or wash the dishes - so that they can start focusing on cleaning tasks as soon as they get to your place.
Another part of removing clutter is making sure your important things are sorted and kept away. This is not because you do not trust the cleaners, but because they can easily make the mistake of throwing away important documents by thinking it’s just paper waste, Don’t expect your cleaners to be instantly familiar with your things and where to keep them. It is much better to personally secure your valuables prior to the cleaning services’ arrival.

3. Be Friendly Clients
Whether you are a homeowner looking to book their cleaning services for multiple days or a tenant hiring experienced end-of-lease cleaners, it is important to create a friendly relationship with your cleaners. The cleaning industry is no different from other service industries, there are a lot of cases wherein clients have been reported to be rude and downright inconsiderate to their cleaners. Creating a friendly and professional environment with your cleaners from the get-go will make them feel more comfortable in your home, which can lead to increased productivity and motivation. If they like you, they can even offer special discounts or added services in future bookings.

4. Give Them Feedback
It is highly recommended to provide feedback after every cleaning session. If you think there are things they could have done differently to get better results, do not be afraid to speak your mind, but be sure to use constructive criticism to keep the relationship professional. This is important so that they can be made aware of certain areas for improvement and learn from those. The same thing applies if you believe they did an awesome job, contact the company and give the necessary commendation and appreciation for their cleaner’s efforts.

When hiring professional cleaning services, it is important that you temper your expectations. Make sure to check their catalog and find if the services you want them to do are part of the package or not. Sometimes, clients and cleaners have misunderstandings due to lack of communication. Respect their duties and limitations and always try to help them during the cleaning process by taking care of the little things that could make their job easier. If you’re still unsure about the value of a home cleaner, then read the following guide on why you should consider a home cleaner today.

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