Compelling Health Benefits of Tai Chi You Didn't Know

The existence and origin of Tai Chi date back to over 1500 years ago in ancient Chinese history. Tai Chi Chuan is also known by its other alternate name, Taijiquan in many other cultures. Similar, to the majority of the ancient Chinese martial art forms, Tai Chi was originally developed for the primary purpose of using it as a form of self-defense.

However, over the years, Tai Chi gained a lot of popularity and acceptance amongst many people, and it was not necessarily due to its unique offensive form of martial arts, No! In fact, Tai Chi gained its spotlight due to the many potential health benefits that it possessed. Due to its slow and meditative body movement actions, Tai Chi for health was explored by many ancient Chinese monks, and it produced significant positive results for younger generations to carry on the tradition.

Today, the active Tai Chi practitioners have spread out almost throughout the entire corners of the universe. Tai Chi practitioners over the years have reported and experienced various health benefits from practicing Tai Chi at regular intervals.

Hence, these are some of the most common and compelling health benefits of Tai Chi that might act as a catalyst for you to start practicing it as well.

· It promotes Longevity
The most crucial health benefiting aspect of Tai Chi has to be its ability to promote a longer life duration. Of course, there are many aspects that contribute to making that a success; however, Tai Chi plays a significant role in ensuring a longer life. Tai Chi due to its slow and meditative body motions contribute a major role in calming your mind and helping you relax the entire time. The proof of Tai Chi promoting longer life is evident from the longer average lifespan of the Chinese people, who are an active Tai Chi practitioner as compared to other western countries.

· It reduces Stress
Again, another crucial aspect that Tai Chi is closely associated with is its stress-relieving capability. This aspect is again rooted deeply in its meditative nature. Tai Chi has been known to produce significantly positive results when it comes to relieving stress or any other anxiety-related health issues. A recent study conducted on 50 participants to observe the effect of Tai Chi in relieving anxiety showed significant positive results indicating that it is indeed helpful in reducing stress. In fact, Tai Chi produced identical results similar to other stress management exercises. A larger scale research and study are yet to be conducted, but Tai Chi is still a powerful stress-relieving exercise as of now.

· Increases the sleep quality
Insomnia is probably one of the leading health issues that are prevalent amongst a vast percentage of the population all over the world. In fact, it is estimated that around 25% of the total population of the United States suffer from acute Insomnia. This literally means that millions of people suffer from inconsistent sleep quality every night. Tai Chi may help promote a better sleep quality if you are amongst one of those people suffering from an inadequate sleep disorder. One study conducted on a group of people suffering from insomnia to observe the effects of Tai Chi showed positive results indicating that it is indeed helpful. The participants were recommended to practice Tai Chi twice a week, and that showed significant improvement in their sleep quality at the end of the week.

· Improves mood
In addition to Tai Chi playing a significant role in improving stress-related issues and sleep quality, it is also known to have a positive impact on improving the mood. This is obviously related to relieving stress and other anxiety-related conditions. Reduction in those stress-relieving component helps in promoting an overall better mood. Tai Chi's slow and meditative nature has been known to reduce mood-regulating hormones and calm the nervous system as well, resulting in stimulating a better mood.

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