I have no idea how hot, poor countries survive without air-conditioning; they have skills we need to learn. We have certainly been spoilt in the more developed countries when it comes to having cool air available at the click of a remote or switch of a button. But we wouldn’t change it for the world I bet.

Thinking about it would explain why they all look so full of muscles, from all the fanning. Food for thought for gym training, plus you’ll get a tan. Win-win.

What is Air-Conditioning?
It is that magic box on the wall that changes hot air into cold air so you can walk around the house without being a sweaty betty. Then when its winter, you can change it up and poof, warm air for cozying up on the couch. Who knew one little box could bring so much joy and comfort?
If you are looking for history and a more in-depth educational explanation then click here and see more into the cycles and refrigeration of these systems. There are basics and theories which are an interesting read, and learning something new is never a waste in any case. Knowledge is power as they say.

6 Benefits of Using Air-Conditioning
       Sleep. No more constant night tossing because you are too hot or too cold, the newer models now come with a sleep mode function, so the temperature is regulated throughout the night and you can enjoy a deeper sleep.
       Fitness. Creating the ideal atmosphere at home is now easier with an air-con unit installed, no more having to mission to the gym, driving and making sure you look at least a bit presentable to go out in public. Now you can train and sweat in the privacy of your home with messy hair and not care.
       Anti-bugs. For me this is a no brainer, I can’t handle flying or jumping things in the house. If the place is cool and not the desirable warm, humid environment bugs enjoy, then they won't be making base camp in your home anytime soon.
       Electrics. There is no chance of electrics over-heating and catching on fire due to the house heating up, so you can have peace of mind the wires and cables will be cool by the pool.
       No dehydrating. People don’t realize how much water they lose while sleeping from sweating and tend to wake up in the night to get a drink of water. With less sweating, you won't dry up, and get a decent night's sleep for a change.
       Security. While this is not a direct benefit it does impact your home. Because using an air-con requires all doors and windows to be shut, your house is permanently sealed, so there is less of a chance of someone trying to break in if they see no entryway.

There are many more advantages, and we could discuss this all day-over a glass of wine of course- but if you watch this quick video on air conditioning pros, it will save us getting side-tracked as more glasses of squashed grapes appear.

How to Install an Air-conditioning Unit?
The question should not be about how, but about who. Let’s leave these things to the professionals, shall we? Next thing we know the house is an igloo and the kids are stiff as sticks.
Hiring in a contractor is your best option. It saves time, hassle and most importantly money. There are experts when it comes to this industry.

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You won't have to go out and purchase specialized tools as of course this is standard for them, and when something goes wrong, they give a guarantee and you won't have to pay extra to get it sorted.

Contractors also take the safety risks on their shoulders; you are working with electrics and any consequences are just not worth it. Let them do it. Being shocked to stiffness is not a good look.

Whichever way you choose to go, do your research and stay safe.