how to choose the perfect rugs

A space for fun and recreation, the living room is the hub of your household. This is where you strengthen the family bonds and a place where the entire family can unwind. The living room is also a place where you and your guests can lounge pre and post dinner. It would be appropriate to call it the heart of the home. With so much happening in this room, the decor of the room must reflect your personality and style. A piece that can transform a room from the ordinary to elegant is a rug. A carefully chosen rug can set the tone for the decor and make the room feel warm and inviting. Before you go and buy yourself a carpet for your living room, there are a few things that you need to know.

Functional or Formal
This is probably the most crucial decision to take before you invest in the carpet. Is the living room going to be a functional place or a formal sitting area or a mix of the two? If you have small children or pets that have the run of the house, you may want to invest in a durable carpet such as those of Wool or Flat Weave rugs in dark colors. If you want a more comfortable and rich feel, carpets with soft fibers such as those made from bamboo silk are perfect. One factor that needs to be considered is the ease of cleaning the rug from accidental spills or stains.

Size Matters
Once you have decided on the functional or formal question, you need to work out the size of the carpet. Getting the size right is important, as too small a carpet will hardly show and too large will overwhelm the rest of the decorative accents in the room. A good reference point to decide the size is the furniture in the room. You could either get a carpet which stops just short of the sofa/chairs; or one that is large enough to place the furniture on.

Color and Tone
A beautiful house features a blend of textures, colors, and dimensions. While you can let your imagination run wild with most spaces in the house, allowing solid bright colors and busy motifs to share space with a neutral palette; the living room has to be more subtle and matched. If this is the room where you display your family heirlooms and other precious artifacts; choose decorative rugs with soft pastel colors and earthy tones to bring warmth without overpowering the other elements of the room. You also need to take into account the other fabrics and materials used in that room. Generally, the carpet leads the rest of the d├ęcor in the room. The curtains, furniture fabric color, and the walls need to blend cohesively with the rug.

Effect of Light
Lighting plays a very important role in selecting the carpet and is one factor that is overlooked by most people. The carpet will reflect sunlight and artificial lighting differently. Different types of light reflecting off the fibers of the carpet can cause its sheen to ebb and wane.

The Bottom Line
A good quality carpet is a legacy investment that will occupy the central part of your living room for years. It adds dimension to the room and reflects the owner’s personality and style.