We all want the perfect home, a dream house that fits our needs perfectly and that we are proud to come home to. Yet, often money stands in the way, renovation can be costly and often just out of reach. There are small things that we can do, however, to upgrade our home that doesn't cost a fortune but can still have an impact. Here are our top 5 ideas for how you can improve your home.

1. Give your master bath a boost
There is nothing like a luxurious bathroom to make a home feel special. Spend a bit of money boosting your master bathroom to help you fall back in love with your home. You could consider having a new walk-on shower installed or perhaps you could add a new vanity unit. There are lots of ideas out there to help you improve your bathroom at relatively little cost.

2. Give your windows a new outlook
New windows can really give your home a new lease of life, they just have a way of making a home look more inviting. It is also well known that changing windows can drastically increase value in a home and help it appeal more to potential buyers. Plus, new windows might help you insulate your home better, you might be able to reduce your energy costs. Read our post about choosing the best double glazing company before you start looking for new windows.

3. Freshen up your exterior paint
Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than an exterior that looks well cared for. Fresh exterior paint shows that your home is well looked after and it can have a huge impact on how you and others perceive your home every time that you return. It is not only the paintwork that you should consider but the outside of your property as a whole. You could, for instance, consider awnings for decks, as something that really adds the wow factor to the exterior of your home.

4. Open your mind (and your floorplan)
An open floor plan can make a home feel larger and really add a touch of class to your interior. Open floor plans can allow natural light to burst throughout a home, making it look more spacious and everything feel brighter. It can also make entertaining easier as you can always see and interact with your guests no matter what you are doing. Opening up your floorplan doesn't always have to be expensive, you can find advice on costs easily online.

5. Build in some shelves
Shelving can really have a big impact in regard to how you feel about your home. It is all too easy for our homes to become cluttered and even if it is with items that we love, clutter can really affect us negatively. Shelving can provide an aesthetically pleasing approach to storing and displaying the items that we cherish. Finding a way to store items that reduces clutter around our homes can really change the way that we feel about our living space for the better.