What is Telehealth?
These days, you will often heard or see about Telehealth which means providing diagnosis and treatment services remotely, via digital information and communication technologies such as telephone, email, or video conference. Many may not know, telehealth or telemedicine has been around for years. Recently, it has become more popular and has become widely used. Telehealth or Telemedicine has improved a lot as the years go by with the help of technology upgrades. Most people identify Telehealth as Betterhelp.com or online consultation. Medical Telehealth provides people the opportunity to get the best consultation and prescription without having to leave home.

How it Works?
There are different platforms that connect patient and provider. Most of the time, counsellors and patient make use of internet connection via tablet, computer, or mobile phone to access platforms where they can both have private conversations. With these platforms, a patient can schedule an appointment at your most convenient day and time. Also, with the help of phone call and text messaging, the communication with the counsellor can be done anytime, 24/7.

Who uses Telehealth?
Most people who uses telehealth service has mobility problem and/or lives in remote area. There are cases when some patients who use telehealth want to hide identity. Patients who want to keep the consultation confidential, or not comfortable of face-to-face conversation. If you have a job and do not want to missed work, then Telehealth is also perfect for you. Same way if you cannot stand the burden to leave home for some important reasons, no need to travel to the clinic and face the hassle of traffic and spend money for transportation. Most especially if you live in rural community, no need to encounter challenges in getting secure, affordable, and dependable transportation system to access the best health care assistance. More and more patients prefer virtual care because of the convenience and lack of local providers.

How to Find the Right Health Professional?
It is extremely important to make sure you are dealing with licensed and accredited professionals. You will pay for the service expecting you will get the best service according to your needs. You will want to get help from someone knows how to handle a patient’s condition properly. Keep in mind, different Healthcare professionals have different expertise, first you need to be evaluated based on your thoughts and symptoms.

The question is how to make sure you get the experienced and licensed professionals? Once you have made up your mind to get professional help, we strongly suggest to use counselling service companies that will help match you with professionals that goes with your preferences. BetterHelp.com will make sure to provide you with experienced counsellors depending on the type of issues you currently have. More importantly, they make sure that your privacy is protected and secured.

More and more patients expressed satisfaction since telehealth is as effective and has same interaction quality as regular face-to-face consultations. Thus, it has given patients without confidence the chance to get medications while remaining anonymous. Using telehealth helps reduce patient costs, cost-utility for providers, and more effective in delivering assistance to patients. Telehealth has great potential in treating patients anytime, anywhere. For more information about Telehealth, visit www.better.help.com/online-therapy