In 2017, a whopping 65.1% of American mothers with children aged 6 and under were not part of the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics published those numbers. They go on to point out that 92.8% of fathers remain employed. This setup is no longer viable in today's modern world, as parents are hands-on with elevating home life for their children. For the modern family unit, flexible working options are the boon that they are waiting for.

The Advent Of Flexible Working Options
The norm in the workforce is shifting from office spaces to home-based working. Around 70% of working individuals around the globe work remotely at least once a week. CNBC published this statistic in an article that tackled remote workers. They also mentioned that around 53% work remotely for more than half of the week.
Working from home with no set hours is a viable option for those who want full control of their family's direction. Finding remote work is no longer as challenging with sites like Upwork and Freelancer paving the way. They offer work in various fields of expertise so there's something for everyone. All you’ll need is a reliable computer, steady internet and a selected spot in your home, and you’re ready to go.

What’s In It For Your Family
Flexible work means you can pick it up and put it down as the needs arise. New mothers benefit greatly as they are able to put work on hold to care for the needs of the little ones. Fathers no longer have to spend a majority of their days away from their family. Flexible work means both parents are on hand to share the load of parenting.
Flexible work also benefits those that work late into their life once their children have left home. The option of working from home at selected hours gives the opportunity for more activities within the day. You still earn money, but are no longer confined to the office setting. Work and life harmony have never been easier than this.

The modern family is no longer confined to the rules of the past. Parents are the heads of their families and must eke out the ideal path for all. Remote work gives young parents and late-in-life workers better options than before. It truly is the best friend of all modern families, and should be considered thoroughly.