Protecting Your Garage Floor with an Epoxy Coating

Out of all the surfaces in your home, the garage floor takes the greatest pounding. And you can see it. Or, you could if you got past the dirty footsteps, chipped concrete, and stains from automotive fluids. Underneath you would find cracks and unevenness.

There's a way to Protect your Floor

Your garage floor no longer needs to be neglected. A simple process can shield it from future problems. In addition, this treatment can create a colorful coating to make the garage part of the house instead of a simple place to store your vehicle or tools. The solution is an epoxy guard. Sold by numerous flooring companies across the U.S., Floorguard being one of them, this treatment is less expensive and longer lasting than pouring a new floor. Furthermore, it can lead you to renovate the entire garage into a showplace.

The Epoxy Process

The process is fairly easy; however, it's recommended that you hire a professional contractor to apply the guard. If it's done without cleaning and repairing the concrete, what you put down will start to flake off. Then, you'll need to reinvest in a professional job. The first task performed to coat the floor is to clean the concrete and repair the cracks and chips. If it's uneven due to weather-related expansion and contraction, then the surface needs leveling via a sanding process. When prepped, the quick-drying adhesive is applied. It's then cleaned to ensure a proper shine. It's up to you from that point on. Dirt and dust are easily cleaned with a soft bristle broom. Any stains can be removed with a mop and warm soapy water. As long as the floor is regularly maintained, it will keep its integrity.

Your Next Steps

Ready to upgrade your flooring? First, research the companies in your area. When you find the right one, have them come out to measure your space. They can give you an cost estimate that includes the surfacing, repair, and the color or pattern of flooring you want. You won't regret the change it makes to your garage. garage floor coating chicago

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