Reasons Why You Should Start Using Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Have you ever considered putting tea tree oil in your hair? Well, if you haven’t these reasons will motivate you to use it to get gleaming and longer hair.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Tea Tree Oil for Hair.

Tea tree oil for hair can either be used on its own or mixed with other different ingredients. It is famously known for curing everything from sinusitis to athlete's foot and many different viral and bacterial infections. However, not many people know how effective and helpful this oil can be for your hair.

For those who have not heard about tea tree oil before, also called melaleuca oil, this flammable essential oil is derived from the tea tree roots. It is aborigine to Australia, and it has been in use for several decades now across entire Australia. The leaves of this tree were first used to treat cuts, infections, and burns. However, it was until 1920 were when it became widely used outside Australia after Arthur Penfold revealed its antiseptic value. He published several publications concerning tea tree oil. See the weblink for more information.

Tea Tree Oil Makes Your Hair Thicker And Longer.
Tea tree oil doesn’t make your hair grow fast. No. get us right here. It promotes the growth of hair by aiding to unclog the clogged hair pores and nourishing the hair roots. If you are affected by dandruff and also the hair loss, tea tree oil helps to eliminate these. Remember that dandruff clogs hair follicles and cause itching and skin inflammation that ultimately result to hair fall. 

Tea Tree Oil Helps In Eliminating Dandruff.
As mentioned above, the tea tree is an excellent eliminator of dandruff. So even if you don't want your hair to grow thicker or you are not suffering from hair loss, you may want to use it if you have problems with dandruff.

It is tried remedy which has proved very effective in fighting dandruff since it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. The tea tree oil eliminates the fungus that results in dandruff without making the scalp dry out. The oil is also used as a natural conditioner and gets rid of problems that cause the scalp to flake. 

Tea Tree Oil Helps In Treatment For Itch Scalp.
You may not suffer from dandruff infection and suffer from the problems of itchy scalp. This can be very irritating, and if not treated earlier, it can result in other issues such as hair loss.

The typical causes of a scalp are allergic reactions, fungus, and bacteria. Over the decades, tea tree oil has been used to battle these problems. It addresses scalp folliculitis and scalp eczema. 

Tea Tree Oil for Eliminating Head Lice.
According to parasitology research which was published in 2012, tea tree oil for hair can be used to eliminate lice in their nymph and adult stage of life. The oil is also effective in minimizing the number of lice eggs that are hatched.

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