In today’s world, we are becoming more and more consumed with how we look. In part, this is due to the selfie culture fueled by the pervasiveness of social media… yet, it’s been a growing trend since beauty companies started marketing lotions and potions to help us attain young looking skin.

Unfortunately, there is so much focus on the outside that less attention is being spent to what really matters, as after all, beauty is more than skin deep. Many people will consider watching a facelift surgery video at some time in their life, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking remedial action or preventative action to remain on top of your looks - but it’s equally important to consider the fact beauty is more than skin deep.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways to increase your internal beauty:

The benefits of smiling and laughter are significant. Whilst it’s important for you to laugh more, it’s also incredibly attractive if you’re able to make others laugh and feel good about themselves.
Laughter is contagious. It causes a chain-reaction in those around you, and the more you laugh the better you feel. Perhaps you have a friend that isn’t particularly attractive in physical terms, but you adore them, because of how much they make you laugh?
It’s what’s on the inside that counts more than what’s on the outside. The more you can make people laugh and the more smiling and laughter you have in yourself, the more attractive you will be to others and yourself.

If you can leave people, places and things better than you find them it will not only have a positive effect on the outside world; but it will make you feel better on the inside in terms of raising your self-esteem.
You don’t need to do anything enormous to have a positive impact, it could be as simple as compassionately smiling at someone that looks a little lonely or lost in life. It could be simply asking someone how their day is going and taking a genuine interest.

Feeling attractive on the inside has a lot to do with how you treat others as well as how you treat yourself.
When you are kind to people and focus more on what you can give rather than what you can get from a situation - you are instantly more attractive to people. That’s not to say you should be a doormat and let people walk all over you. It’s that so many people live in their own head, consumed by their needs and desires, that they focus too much on themselves rather than others.

There is a saying by Tony Robbins, that the “secret to living is giving” and he has found in his research that the most fulfilled people are those that give the most!

In summary, it’s important to realise that beauty is more than skin deep and focus on ways you can increase your inner beauty and attractiveness by being the best version of yourself on the inside rather than focusing too much on the outside.