Top Gift Ideas for the Family Man

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to shop for gifts for the important people in your life. Choosing gifts for the women in your life can be easy since they like to give you hints on what they want. You have to learn how to catch these clues, though.

But lots of people get stuck on figuring out what to buy for the men in their lives. Good if your brother, husband, or father tells you outright what they want, but they usually stop telling you that when they pass puberty (sometimes even before then).

Fortunately, you can figure out what your man would want for a gift as long as you’re familiar with his hobbies and interests. If you need some ideas, here’s a list of excellent gifts family men (and every man, for that matter) would love to receive.

Bluetooth Headphones
Everyone loves music (even animals do). Those who don’t probably haven’t heard good music before. It’s natural for people to enjoy listening to music because it helps you relax, boosts your mood, diverts your attention, and makes everything more fun.

This is the same for the man in your life. You may not have similar tastes in music, but giving him Bluetooth headphones so he can enjoy his music shows how much you value him and want him to be happy. And you get the benefit of not having to listen to his (questionable) playlist on loudspeaker!

There’s a wide selection of Bluetooth headphones in the market. If you want the best for him, here’s a list of this year’s best wireless headphones.

Duffel Bag
Real men know how to be prepared. And by prepared, it means actually putting the things they need (e.g., wallet, car keys, house keys, cell phone, laptop, etc.) in their bag and not stuffing everything in your purse or dumping their stuff in the back seat of their car.

Show your appreciation for the man in your life by gifting them with a stylish duffel bag he can take to work, the gym, on his travels, or on simple outings. Duffel bags are perfect to carry anywhere. They’re also lightweight and spacious so that he can fit all his stuff inside without worry.

Grooming Kit
Taking care of yourself has no age or gender limit. It’s not just women who love and need to groom themselves. Men also need to take care of their appearance and hygiene. If you like to put in extra effort to look good for himself (and for you), give him a self-care grooming kit.

You can either buy a complete set or build one with all his favorite grooming products. Most kits include a comb or brush, wax or pomade, and barber scissors to maintain impeccable hair, mustache, and beard all day long. Before you purchase anything, check the ingredients list to make sure they’re natural and nourishing for his hair.

Fun Socks
You never get wrong with socks as presents, especially if you get the funky ones. Despite their simplicity, socks are the perfect gift for the man in your life (and every adult). For one, they’re incredibly useful and practical.

If he works five days a week, then he probably has to use one pair every day. Five pairs won’t last for longer than a month if he has to use and wash them every week. It only makes sense to get him more socks he can use alternately.

But gifting him socks isn’t just for the sake of practicality. Socks are perfect presents because they can be fun too. You can get your husband, brother, or father happy socks with colorful patterns or funky prints so they can have fun matching their socks with their clothes too.

Multipurpose Tool
For the family man who enjoys outdoor activities like camping and trekking, a multipurpose tool, or multitool, is the ideal gift. A multitool has a lot of uses. It can be a bottle opener, a knife, a reamer, and a pair of scissors. With a multitool, he can be ready for anything when he’s outdoors.

Even if your partner, brother, father, or friend is not the outdoorsy type, he can still find many uses for a multipurpose tool in his daily life. A loose screw on his office chair? No problem! A multitool also has a screwdriver. Now, he doesn’t have to bring a set of heavy tools since he has a multitool to get the job done.

Power Meter
This is for the bike and cycling enthusiasts in your life. A power meter is a handy device that aids athletes in training. It records data and the collected information can be used to maximize training time. Power meters like the PowerPod are great because it is compatible with almost all bikes, easy to install and use, and affordable.

Money Clips
Sure, wallets have more space and pockets for many different things, but they’re not the most convenient or the healthiest thing to carry on your back pocket. Sitting on a fat wallet is terrible for anyone’s back. It causes an imbalance on a person’s posture, which results in back pains.

A money clip is a great idea for a man, even going the next step further and finding him the ideal financial planner to ensure he never needs to worry about money again. Make sure you recommend a company that has a great reputation like Financial Framework in Perth.

Portable Cooler
Who doesn’t want a portable cooler as a gift? Certainly not someone who loves to pop a cold one outdoors. A portable cooler is a convenient way to store and preserve the temperature of your food and drinks when you’re traveling.

If he is a big fan of grilling outside, going to the beach, or having a picnic, he will love a lightweight, foldable cooler, which he can take anywhere. The cooler doesn’t have to be exclusively for food and beverages. You can get one with a lot of pockets so he can put his keys, wallet, and other essentials in one container.

Stainless Steel Flask
Carrying a stainless steel flask around would be convenient when you need a shot of liquid courage or a warm drink on a cold day. Be a lifesaver, and get the men in your life stainless steel hip flasks for the holidays. A moderate dose of alcohol can be healthy for the heart. A flask of liquor will hardly push them to be alcoholics.

Make the flask more special by adding a customized design. You can have the receiver’s initials engraved on the flask or get a flask with a unique cover.

Travel Kit
For the family man who loves to visit new places,a complete travel kit can be an invaluable gift. What does a travel kit have? A travel kit can include a mini grooming kit, a quick first aid kit, and travel-sized toiletries. Having a travel kit ready makes packing faster and more convenient for him, especially if he travels often.

A travel kit can also help save space on his luggage and lighten his bag. He can also leave the kit inside his car so it’s ready when he needs it.

Final Word
The men in your life deserve to know they are loved and appreciated. This coming holiday season, give them something that will make them happy and they can use. They deserve to be pampered and showered with gifts too.

If you’re not sure what to get them, knowing their hobbies and interests can give you lots of insights to crack the puzzle of what they would want as a gift. If that still doesn’t work, you can never go wrong with the top gift ideas for men listed above.

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