Bahama Mama: How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit to Hide the Mommy Pooch

Feeling comfortable in your postpartum bod isn't always easy. Use these 5 tips for hiding the mommy pooch so you can feel like a "Bahama Mama" once more.

It may only be winter, but people are already preparing themselves for the biggest season of the year: bathing suit season. Over 56% percent of the women in the country are currently dieting to get their ideal body shape.

Yet, this is something that is not an easy task for all of us. This is especially true for new moms. Between breastfeeding schedules, exhaustion, and being placed on preschool waiting lists: new moms have enough to worry about without focusing on their mommy pooch.

But fear not! You do not have to miss out on beach season, and you can even be confident while you are out on the sand. Scroll down for some tips on how to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

1. Take Control of that Mommy Pooch with Control Top Bathing Suits
To quote Fergie: if you have been working on your fitness, but you are not exactly comfortable enough to be in public yet, I have the answer to all of your problems: control tops.

Face it, women have been using wires, whale boning, and fabric to change the shape of their body for centuries. In the late 2000s, we have lucked out in having the ability to get an ideal shape without compromising comfortability.

You do not even have to trade in fashion for control top help. From retro to modern, almost every designer and every style imaginable are available with a little bit of shapewear. And you can read more about all of the latest one piece styles here.

2. Try to Ruch Things Up a Bit
Ruching is just a fancy word for how the fabric is gathered to make a new shape.

If your family and you are going on vacay this summer, make sure to try on and pack some suits with unique ruching patterns. Lattices or vertical risen lines can give you the appearance of a thinner midsection. 

And buying a ruched bathing suit often allows you to stand out while staying classy under your umbrella.

3. Take the Plunge and Wear What You Want
Now hear me out. I know it can be hard to feel comfortable in your own skin, and even more so when you just had a baby.

But your body just composed one of the most miraculous things in the world: it created a separate and completely new human life! You did that. With that body.

So, if you are feeling up to it, buy the exact same bathing suit you would have bought pre-pregnancy. Feeling a little scared to do this 100%? Well, then just bring a bathing suit wrap to the beach as your adult security blanket.

Bathing Suits and Mom Bods

Whether you want to cover up or show off that body that just gave birth: don't miss out on your trips to the beach just because of that mommy pooch!

Go shopping, get your sunscreen on, and get ready to feel that sand between your toes. Because you, ma'am, more than almost anyone, deserve a day in the sunshine.

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