Traveling with your loved ones can be one of the best ways to spend quality time with one another. Especially when your kids are young, these trips can be fundamental in developing their open mindedness and childhood memories.

In order to decide upon the best place to stay as you travel with your family, there are many aspects to keep in mind: budget, location, transportation, and length of stay. Here are just a few of the major types of places to stay that you might want to consider when planning ahead for your vacation.

Hotels are perhaps the most common place to stay when it comes to travel, though they are usually the most expensive. They are typically the most feasible option if you are looking for a short-term stay, like a weekend of maybe two or three days.

However, with all this said, hotels function entirely out of taking care of their guests. They are clean, well put together, and have a large numbered staff to maintain upkeep and service 24/7. They know how to take care of travelers, as that is their constant responsibility.

If you’re taking a family weekend trip, want to be placed near the city’s center, and don’t mind paying the extra money for the efficient and ever-present service, hotels may be your best bet.

If you are looking for a long-term option, villas are probably going to be your best choice. They account for vacations that may last longer for a weekend and are especially ideal for those hoping to be around for a week or more. This also means they are typically pet-friendly. Villas are larger and quieter, because you will often get your own house as opposed to a room within a building.

Think of villas as affordable vacation homes for your journey. With that said, they don’t come with all the bells and whistles that hotels or bed and breakfasts do. You are in charge of your food, transportation, entertainment, and way into the city (which can be farther than the distance you have in a hotel).

If your family has a far away destination that you like to travel to frequently, consider a villa. You will be able to stay there for an extended period of time, bring your pet, and afford to live in another city for a week or two.

Bed & Breakfast
Bed and breakfasts are their own brand of unique, often functioning as family-owned houses in which you are taken care of by a small array of staff. This is nice if you’re really trying to get a sense of the local culture and don’t mind living in such close quarters with others.

As far as stay-length, it typically makes the most sense to treat a bed and breakfast like a hotel (about two to three nights). However, keep in mind that unlike hotels, bed and breakfast staff is slimmer because couples or families operate them.
Of course, bed and breakfasts are not always quaint houses in Southeastern or Northernmost America, as displayed by this bed and breakfast in Jesmond. They come in a wide range of varieties and are able to convey a sense of intimacy regardless of how they are decorated or where exactly they are located.

If you are looking for something local, short-term, and intimate, look into the family-dominated industry that is bed and breakfasts.

Final Considerations
Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it is up to you to review your options and decide upon the best one for your family. So many people make the mistake of focusing so much on the destination and the things to do once they’re there that they fail to recognize the importance of their accommodations.

Just as your home plays a vital role in your daily life, where you stay plays a vital role in your vacation life. Whether it is a hotel, villa, or bed and breakfast, know your options to ensure the most enjoyable vacation you could have together.