Your baby is on the way, and you are incredibly excited, and probably nervous. You want everything prepared for when they arrive, including their room.

Creating a nursery can be as fun as you would like it to be, but there are certain things that every nursery should have. Once you decide a theme or color scheme and you have the walls painted and floors ready, it is time to stock up on some must-haves for your baby’s perfect nursery.

1.      The Right Bassinet

You can find tons of resources online to help you choose the perfect bassinet, like the reviews from My Traveling Baby. There is every possibility that down the line after the baby’s birth, you might need a different bassinet. However, there are things you can do to try and choose the perfect one right off the bat.

Perhaps consider how you and your partner were as infants – how you slept, what helped soothe you, and things like that. Not every baby is the same, but often the parents’ childhood and habits could be an indicator of the baby’s. You can find rocking bassinets, “smart” bassinets with technological advancements, and more.  Bassinets can also be transferred to the parents’ room, which many parents prefer for the first few months.

2.      The Perfect Crib

After a few months of growth, the baby likely will not fit into a bassinet any longer. From there, it’s time to move up to a crib. When you decide your child is old enough for a crib is entirely up to you, but having the crib there from the beginning is a huge weight off your shoulders.

Cribs come in many styles, materials, colors, and with many features. You can find convertible cribs, travel cribs, traditional cribs, and more. You can easily find one that will fit perfectly into your nursery, and you can decide how simple or extravagant you want your baby’s crib to be.

3.      A Sturdy Changing Table

As your child will mostly be living in the nursery, you do not want to have to cart them around the house in the middle of the night if they need a diaper change. It is much easier both for you and your baby to have a sturdy, dependable changing table right in the nursery with you. You can stock it with diapers, wipes, and all the supplies you need.

Just like with cribs and bassinets, changing tables are surprisingly customizable in most cases. You can find different colors and styles to suit your tastes, and their storage methods also differ as well. Some have drawers and some have open shelves; some double as dressers for baby clothes. Whatever you decide, a changing table is a must.

4.      A Sweet Mobile

Maybe mobiles are not a requirement for every nursery, but they sure make a nursery feel that much sweeter and that much more like a home. Infants adore mobiles, and they can be lifesavers when you are struggling to lull your baby to sleep. You can find mobiles in nearly any size or theme, so you can go a little wild with the theme if you so choose.

5.      A Handy Nightlight

Since late-night trips will be frequent, having a small night light in the nursery will benefit you tremendously. You won’t need to flip a switch every time you enter to check on your baby, and most babies will find that small bit of light comforting. Like with mobiles, you can find nightlights to suit nearly any theme, color, or animal, so you can have a little more freedom here.


Every nursery is different, just like every baby is different. However, they all share the common thread of creating a safe home space for your baby. Setting yourself up for success with these products will never be a bad choice, and your baby will thrive in their home environment.