As a busy parent who always has a thousand and one thing to do to keep things running smoothly in yours, your children’s and maybe even your partner’ life, keeping up appearances can easily slip to the back of your list of priorities. Yet you see some of the other moms running their show flawlessly and making it look easy. If you also want to come across as a fierce independent woman who has her agenda held down tight, follow these simple tips to trick people into thinking just that, whatever the case really may be.

Appearance hacks
Everyone knows that staying organised while successfully parenting leaves little time for your own morning beauty routine unless you want sacrifice precious hours of sleep. But there’s a few things you can do to make sure you always look the part without burning time.

Our number one tip is to prep outfits so you never get up and pull your hair out over what to wear because you think nothing suits you anymore. The next time you’re going through your wardrobe, take some time to throw together some outfits and save the photos to a gallery for when the choice seems impossible. To save even more time, choose your outfits the night before so that outfit choice is never a problem that stalls you on a busy morning.

The second appearance hack is to remember the details. Adding a few accessories to your outfit can take it to a whole new level, whereas it takes no extra time to actually slip them on. You can simultaneously pull off the classy mum look while bossing the other areas of your life.

You can also take care of some beauty details by opting for the permanent or semipermanent root. You might be thinking that you don’t have time to hit up nail salons all the time, but ultimately getting your nails done will save you loads of time and keep you looking on top of things for longer. Getting eyelash extensions or your brows micro bladed means you can get up knowing you’re good to go, freeing up time to perfect everything else.

Organisation hacks
Your biggest daily chore, particularly if you have a large family, probably revolves around food. If it falls on you to make sure everyone is well fed at least twice a day, why not save some time here too? If you have to make pack lunches, follow this prepping guide to make life as simple as possible and get the worst out of the way on a Sunday. You can do similar things for breakfasts, have bags of fruit in the freezer ready to blend, or breakfast bowls or chia seed puddings in the fridge lines up.

As previously mentioned in this little list of time savers, ordering your groceries or using a company that sends you all your ingredients and recipes for the week is another great way to get boss your meal planning and save time.

Once you find ways to make big tasks in your life easier, the illusion, or perhaps reality, of having it all figured out falls into place.