Filing for Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma Without a Lawyer

Trying to file for uncontested divorce can be a pain when you can’t find the right documents that you need in order to file. At the same time, if you go through a lawyer, you have many fees that you need to pay in order to file, which can end up making you pay more in court costs and legal fees than you really need. Well, there is one company that is bound and determined to help you avoid all of that hassle – Express Documents & Mediation, Inc. They are a family and divorce mediation service that does everything they can to settle your divorce dispute and help you with filing for uncontested divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer and you can CLICK HERE to learn more. Here is a list that they recommend you should do when it comes to getting the uncontested divorce you deserve.

Some Things to Think About
1.      Try not to fight about unnecessary things. There are many material and non-material items that you shouldn’t fight over that could complicate things when trying to get an uncontested divorce.
2.      If you have property, you need to figure out if it’s just property or if it’s a piece of property with sentimental value, and consider if it’s really worth fighting over.
3.      How does all of this affect your children? Can you resolve your issues so your children are not affected so much?
4.      If you try to resolve the divorce with an olive branch instead of pointing blame at each other, won’t it look better?
5.      Don’t talk to your friends during your divorce. They might have good intentions, but you need to keep this between you and your divorcee, and not drag other people who may have biased opinions into it. They can cause you to end up making things worse instead of better.
6.      Can you at least get along as friends? Can you be civil? If so, then you need to realize that material items are replaceable, but your friendship and personal relationship is irreparable.
·         You should be able to get along without hatred and spite, even if you get divorced.
·         Your ex might need your help once in a while. If you have kids, this is definitely most often the case, because you’re still a team if you’re parents.
·         If you can continue to be friends, you may be able to continue to help each other in other aspects of your lives.
7.      Most of the time, you will spend more money on divorce when you don’t get along. Divorce lawyers are only in it for the money and they’ll be the ones who win, not you or your spouse.

When you want to have the cheapest and fastest divorce as possible, uncontested is definitely the way to go. You need to realize that it may not always happen, but that’s what EXDPM is there for. They’re job is to get the forms you need, and help you try to get the best possible results throughout the entire process without a lawyer if possible. Also, one must remember that just because there’s a dissolution of marriage, it doesn’t mean that it’s even forever, and it doesn’t mean that the parties involved can’t get along.

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