Weddings are an event that many people dream about, and one which millions of people around the world have experienced for centuries now. It’s a way of publicly professing love and commitment in front of people who truly matter. However, before the big day comes, there’s so much work that goes into planning the 24 hours that is your big day. If you are doing most of the work, then you may be wondering exactly where to start to make your day a memorable one.

Choose the Right Vendors
The vendors you choose could be the difference between your wedding day being stress-free and it being a disaster. Think carefully about which vendors you want to select and ensure you ask the right questions before making final decisions. A few practical tips for picking your wedding vendor include:

1.    Experience: Experience is an essential factor to consider when choosing wedding vendors. Although a first timer could strike gold, you want to have confidence in your vendor and know they have a history of delivering the best service. See if there’s a way you can get in touch with their past clients so that you can hear about their experiences.

2.    Compatibility: Although it’s great to ask for references, at times you’ve got to go with your gut when choosing a vendor. Nobody is perfect and just because they may have had a bad day with one client, doesn’t mean your experience will be the same.

3.    Friendliness: Another thing you want to look out for when choosing a vendor is that they’re friendly and will relate well with your guests. This is especially true if they’ll be on the frontline providing services that require they interact with your guests. When choosing wedding bartenders, read reviews and ensure they have experience catering to different types of people. The same goes for entertainment and caterers serving food.  

Enjoy the Moment
It’s easy to get so wrapped up in trying to organize the perfect wedding that you forget to enjoy the journey. It’s okay if everything doesn’t go according to plan and things go wrong. With that being said, instead of focusing on the negatives, remember that you will only be able to experience this day once, so enjoy every second of it! You can do this by learning to meditate and practicing gratitude as well.

Ensure Its Intimate
One of the things that makes a wedding memorable is the intimacy of it all. Although everyone values different things, most people hope that their wedding day will be filled with special moments shared with people who are most important. To control the crowd, make sure you’re realistic when creating your guest list. At times, people get pressure from family to invite more people than they’d like, so if that’s the case for you, be firm about how many people you want at your wedding.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding is different, but know you can achieve your own definition of perfect (or close enough!). By following some of the tips above, you will make your big day one to remember in years to come.