If there is any place that you should feel the greatest amount of safety, it is in your home. With the increasing rates of burglary, kidnap and even home accident cases, it is very essential that we take measures, even the ones that are mostly overlooked, to ensure that our family members are safe and secure.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. You do not need to have billions to hire bodyguards to keep yourself safe. Here are some safety tips you can carry out at home:

Consider installing a home security system: Now do not get this all wrong! This is not to monitor the activities of your family members but to ensure their safety. By connecting different devices together, you help to secure different entry points in your house and monitor the surroundings without going outside or putting yourself at risk. It includes motion sensors, cameras and even alarm systems, and the best part is that it varies in cost, so you can afford it even though you are on a low budget.

Be careful of what you post online: Research has shown that information pertaining to many kidnap and burglary cases are gotten online. In a world, as connected as ours, where people post a lot of information about themselves online, it is very easy to get knowledge about a person without being close to them. 

Be careful of information posted online, do not reply emails where you do not know the source and do not share relevant information with people, as you do not know who may be listening. It’s highly dangerous.

Block all easy entrances and fortify doors: it is very easy for windows to get cracked or door locks to loosen up a bit, but how fast do they get repaired?  Home security systems help to alert the owner of the house in case of danger, but it doesn’t stop these cases from happening. Ensure you run regular checks on different doors and windows. Repair what needs to be repaired, and replace what needs to be changed.

Put out candles to avoid fire outbreak: Due to human forgetfulness, there are several times we might forget to put out candles after use. However, by installing a fire alarm system, it can notify you of possible fire outbreak but that shouldn’t stop you from putting out the lights, especially when they are close to flammable materials. Instead, make use of LED candles. They come in different sizes and look like the real candle, and if they roll over they would cause no harm.

Stash your valuables in a safe place: For people with a lot of valuable properties like jewelry, land deed documents, etc. it is important you put them in a safe place, preferably a fireproof safe. This is to ensure that they are protected in cases of burglary or fire outbreak.

Be close friends with your neighbors: The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. It is not just essential for social interaction, but it can help safeguard your family as nosy or concerned neighbors can alert you if they see a person wandering around your house or smoke coming out of a window. Also, they can inform the police or other relevant security agencies if you are unable to do so.

Teach your children basic safety precautions: As you teach your kids basic life techniques and manners, ensure you teach them basic safety tips as well. Teach them not to talk to persons they do not know or collect things from them.

Teach them to not open the door for strangers even though they may identify themselves as relatives, and to ask for a verbal confirmation when the doorbell rings. Don’t scare them. Just explain the importance of security and be a good example. If you practice security tips, your kids will tend to practice them as well.

Childproof: It is essential to install cabinet locks to prevent babies from opening liquid content. Also, install cordless curtains to prevent choking for toddlers. Place non-slip rugs in rooms if you have young kids, and install computer controls if you have teenagers. You know what is best for your kids, so do it.

Close your garage door always: Again, close your garage door always! This is an easy route for thieves to have a good view and enter your home. Ensure you keep it closed especially if you stash your belongings there. Even if you are not around, lock it from behind with a mechanical (preferably) or manual lock and create an illusion that you are around. 

Store and monitor prescription medications carefully: Do not alert any stranger of your medical condition, as it may be used against you later on. Stack them carefully, especially out of the reach of children, and ensure you take them at the appropriate times.

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Sam Hoffman I Content Marketing Consultant
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