Are your friends moving into a new home soon and you want to give them an amazing housewarming present? Read on for ten great ideas that they are certain to love!

1.City Map Art
For an interesting conversation piece your friends will love, consider giving a city map art piece. You can choose the city they are coming from, or the one they just moved to. Have their city custom made into a fascinating art piece. It’s a great gift for friends who may be missing their old city or who are excited about moving into their new one.

2.Return Address Stamp
Even in today’s digital world, there is always something that has to mailed the old-school way. Find out the address of their new home and have it made into a return address stamp. That way, they will always have a pre-inked custom stamp to use when they have to mail anything. It’s much easier than having to write an address over and over again by hand.

3.Personalized Cutting Board
Everyone needs a cutting board to chop up fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meat. Why go for cheap plastic when you can have a custom cutting board created for a housewarming gift instead? Personalize the cutting board any way that you think they will like. You can have their first names, initials, or last name engraved on the board. Every host will certainly appreciate a beautiful cutting board that can double as a decoration in their kitchen.

4.Hello Welcome Mat
Doormats can quickly get worn out from a lot of use. We are betting that your friends may have even thrown out their old one before they moved into their new home. A “Hello” welcome mat will make a great housewarming gift for anyone, male or female. It’s a gift that will always get a lot of use and will certainly be appreciated.

5.Personalized Photo Blanket
Everyone can use another blanket in their home to cuddle under when it is a cold day outside. A personalized blanket is sure to be a hit with your friends for sure! Pick out pictures that you know your friends love the most. Have them printed on a beautiful blanket to remind your friends how much you love them. It’s a personal gift that will get rave reviews for sure!

6.Automatic Electric Corkscrew
Do your friends enjoy wine? If so, they shouldn’t have to struggle to get the cork out of the bottle, especially after a long day at work. An automatic electric corkscrew will be a gift your friends will appreciate for years to come. Make their lives a little bit easier with a housewarming gift they will enjoy. They will appreciate not having to struggle with an old bottle opener that could crumble the cork.

7.Rapid Beverage Chiller
Speaking of wine, sometimes you simply forget to put your wine bottle or other beverage in the fridge before you want it. Who wants to drink warm chardonnay or warm soda? A rapid beverage chiller will quickly cool down any beverage you need chilled. It also makes for a great housewarming gift that your friends probably don’t own.

8.State Dish Towel
Everyone needs dish towels. From the orange groves of Florida to the crawfish in Louisiana, present your friends with a dishtowel from their home state with an “ode to home” saying. They will love it so much that they will probably simply keep it on display instead of using it!

9.Just Ripe Fruit Bowl
Anyone who loves fruit knows that things ripen at different speeds. You may have four peaches that are ripe and three that are rock hard. Your friends will love a fruit bowl that actually separates the ripe fruit from the not-so-ripe fruit with a barrier. Plus, there is also a place to hang bananas over top of the rest of the fruit. It’s an attractive, useful piece that makes for a great housewarming present.

10.Box of Chocolate Soaps
Everyone uses soap, right? If your friends love chocolate, why not combine a necessity with a luxury by wrapping up a box of chocolate soaps? They will love these handmade, all-natural soaps that come infused with cocoa powder and essential oils. They make a great gift for chocolate lovers and can be displayed in the bathroom.

When you are stumped for the best housewarming gift, consider one of the above. We’re betting your friends will love whichever one you decide to pick!