You have multiple material alternatives for your garage door. The best choice for doors that will be frequently used, such as those in commercial properties, is metal. There are different metal types used for doors, but steel and iron are the leading options. Several elements might affect the integrity and durability of your metal garage and front entry doors, but rust is the most devastating of them.

It might become the primary cause of frequent and costly commercial garage door repair for your Salt Lake City-based commercial establishment. To maximize your profits from the renting of commercial property or when running your business from one, you should keep your overhead costs to a bare minimum. There are several options for rust prevention on metal doors and the components used for their operation. Here are the rust prevention techniques that will maximize the durability and performance of your garage and front doors.

Panel Painting

Your doors’ installer might recommend covering your panels using protective paint. Latex-based external-grade paint is the best choice to generate optimal protection for metal doors. You should, however, ensure that the panels’ sides and edges are adequately covered. The paint used for protecting your panels should be expertly handled to avert the cracks, bubbles, and peels that might affect its integrity and leave your door exposed to the elements. Panel painting should be re-done every few years to keep the panels appropriately protected.

Friction Reduction

Several components of your garage and entry door will be moved now and again to operate your doors. It is essential to reduce the friction on your doors’ components as much as possible. Friction reduction will avert the scratching of your doors’ metallic parts and reduce their risk of rust. This is possible through the periodic use of a lubricant. There are various household products touted as effective for lubrication, but these compromise the integrity of metals. You should thus let an expert assess your door, and its hardware then recommend and apply the best lubricant for them.

Use of Primers

Doors in humid regions are best protected from corrosive elements using a rust primer. Rust primers come in spray and paint forms. They will seal your doors’ frame and hardware, thus keeping out oxygen that would react with the metal’s ions and cause rusting. Some expert might recommend the use of wax in place of rust primers for sealing your metal doors.

Periodic Professional Cleaning

The cleaning of your garage doors will prevent the accumulation of debris and animal droppings that might compromise the metal used for your doors. This might seem like a task that can be handled simply using water and detergent. Most household cleaners are nonetheless acidic and will corrode your door. The professional maintenance of your garage and entry doors is your best choice since it also encompasses their cleaning using safe products.

Most property owners would readily opt for a material other than metal for their doors when they think of the risk of rusting. With these alternatives, you can enjoy the benefits of a metal door without worrying about rust. Even so, get an expert’s input on the type that will work best for your doors.