Dating someone who serves the country can be a huge turn on for some people. There are the sweet kisses and long-awaited hugs that many are looking forward to after months of separation. The emotional roller coaster of missing someone can be addicting. And a lot of people tend to value their loved ones who serve in the military because there’s no way of knowing whether they will still live after a mission. Read more about military in this link here.

When you are a civilian or a military who are looking for the love of your life, the good news is that there are plenty of dating sites on the internet that can cater to your needs. You can search for someone on a site that is just exclusive for navy, army, and military men. When you found the right website, you might have hesitations on whether you will give a chance to the man or not. Here are some reasons why dating a military man is so worth it.

Why Date a Man who Serves the Country?

1. They Won’t Take You For Granted
There are times when your boyfriend won’t be able to send you a text or call you because they are on a mission. But when they are off their duties of protecting the nation, expect to read long messages of love and hours of phone call. Some will even make an effort to send their loved ones a bouquet of roses even if they are far away. Your man realizes that he has only one life and he will always make you feel happy whenever he sees an opportunity to do so.

2. They are Neat and Clean
Your boyfriend is required to have a haircut every now and then as well as shave their beard. They also need to clean their uniforms. Other than these, they are expected to have a healthy lifestyle to keep their bodies fit. There is nothing more appealing than walking a man wearing a military uniform. They simply give off a vibe that many people find charming. When you walk together, expect that you will totally stand out from the crowd.

3. They are Over Protective
When your boyfriend is out there, fighting for the country and ready to risk their lives, expect that he will also do the same with you. He can kick some ass whenever someone is bugging you. He will be able to defend you whenever there’s trouble. He can fire a gun with accuracy and do hand-to-hand combats whenever necessary. When he is with you, you will surely feel safe in his embrace.

4. They are Kind
There’s no one that knows human suffering more than a military man. He understands the pain when someone dies. He sees a lot of people who are unhappy with the war. He values life and cherishes it because he knows that everyone gets live only once. Your boyfriend will be kind toward you and will also treat everyone around you with kindness.

5.  They are Marriage Material
Since they take everything seriously, they are ideal for marriage. You can find the best military, army, navy, and marines websites for finding love and getting married to a veteran who will take care of you for the rest of your days. They will not leave you hanging since when they become besotted to someone, expect that it is already for a lifetime.
So you now have an idea of why dating someone who serves the country is a great choice. But when your man is already sure of you and you of him, you have to know that it will not always be roses and rainbows. Here are some things that you should be prepared for when your man is in the army.

Ideas on What Goes into a Military Relationship

1. You will not see each other often. There are times when your man may be moved overseas or to somewhere very far. In some instances, you may have to move with him and be far from your family. Other women choose to stay at home to create a kind of a base so that their men can come home to something stable. Others just go with the flow and they are ready to go to places that they have never been before.

2. You can only give them comfort when they complain. The military is not all about the glory and honor of serving the country. There are bad days when some of his friends die, his superior shouted at him, or it’s not just a good day for them. If this is the case, you should never advise them to “find another job” as this is easier said than done. You should comfort them and offer your advice when they ask for it.

3. They can be far away from you. Know that some missions are very top secret that your man may not contact you for months. Read more about top secret activities in this site: You should never make them feel guilty about choosing to do their duties to their country instead of being there beside you and giving you comfort. Instead, show them how proud you are with them.

4. They will not be present during important occasions. There are times when your man may not be there when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, and deaths. Cheer him up by sending him cards. He will surely appreciate the gesture. Make sure to let him know that you miss him but it’s okay to celebrate Christmas another time.

This might sound a lot of sacrifices but it’s all very worth it in the end. Military men won’t leave you in the rut. They will support you even if you are far away. You can rest assured that you are the only one as they are busy defending the country. Other than that, you, your family, friends, and the whole town must be very proud of him. He is risking his life in order to protect his loved ones and that’s all that matters.