Celebrating your children’s birthday is one of the most fun events in their lives. As a parent, you would do anything to cater to their requests, especially if you’re throwing a party. Organizing birthday parties for children is no small feat because there is a lot to consider.

A party should have a venue, food, drinks, and for children’s parties, additional games and prizes. With a lot to think about, the last thing you would remember is safe proofing everything. While parties are generally safe, make sure that your children’s party is fun and event-free with these safety tips.

Control Piñata Activity
Piñatas are one of the most looked-forward-to activities in most kiddie birthday parties. Children can expect candies, chocolates, party favors, or even small toys when the piñata is broken. The container is made of cloth, pottery, or papier-mâché, and a stick is usually used to smash it open.

Tradition also dictates that children are blindfolded before hitting the piñata and everyone can have a turn until it is broken open. While all these can be done in good fun, a lot can happen without proper supervision. Prevent innocent guests from getting hit by making sure that the designated area for the piñata breaking is spacious, and keep guests away from the direct line of fire.

Once the piñata breaks, children will often scramble to gather as many candies and toys as they can. You can supply them their loot bag beforehand so they’re not as rowdy when they know they have their own supplies. The extra candy from the fallen piñata can be given to other guests.

Pool Swimming Safety
Summer pool parties are always a hit in the heat. If you already have a swimming pool, then what better way to spend summer parties than to make use of it? As a responsible parent, you may already have safeguarded the pool for your kids, but when there are too many small children all at once, it becomes necessary to up your precautions.

Having several adults attend the children at all times should be mandatory. Those who are on pool guard duty should be good swimmers, and one of them should be certified in CPR. Putting rules around the pool area, such as no play fighting or running can help as well.

Prevent Choking Hazard
Balloons and party favors are always great to have during a children’s birthday. They can easily make or break the decor if it’s a themed party, and it helps children bond especially if the theme is popular like Barbie, Frozen, and even Fortnite party.

It can be very exciting to give away loot bags with the themed goodies, but make sure to remove toys with cars or wheels or small parts when you hand over one to toddlers. At that age, they are more likely to put anything in their mouth, and those items could be unsafe for them. As for balloons, it’s best to inflate them when there are no children around, and if there are children, always keep a close eye on them.

Prioritize Food Safety
Food allergies are more common than you think, and the severity can range from mild itching to fatal. When hosting a children’s party, always ask parents about any existing food allergy, and always take it into account when making the menu for the party. You can ask about it by letting parents sign on the RSVP or by calling them weeks before.

Another concern is food poisoning. Even with your best intentions, some circumstances just happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take more careful steps to ensure these mishaps don’t happen. Making sure that all the foods are thoroughly cooked is one step, and another is refrigerating food to keep it fresh longer before serving it to guests.

Safe and Fun
Parents like you only want what’s best for your children, so keeping children’s birthday parties fun but safe is a priority. Organizing gatherings like these can take a lot of effort and time, so make sure to ask for help when you need it. You’ll need an extra pair of hands and someone to look out for lapses in safety.

How do you define a successful birthday party for children? Share it below.