A memorable vacation is all about travel excitement, stunning attractions, indelible experiences and enjoying amazing visitor amenities. Thailand with its awe-inspiring islands, pristine beaches, archeological sites, floating markets, and dazzling malls has much to offer. Either you are visiting Chiang Mai, Railay or Kanchanaburi, the culturally-rich country has been tagged as one of the most sought after holiday spot this year. Check out the top 5 places you must visit while you are on a trip to this spectacular country.

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a famous tourist spot located in the capital away from lush green hilly terrains and the striking mountainous backdrop of the northern area. The place has a mystical aura and a picturesque view that attracts millions of visitors from all across the globe every year. The streets and lined diners & shops throughout are a core highlight of the nightlife. Also, check out the malls and bars located nearby for joyful leisure time. Catch an inexpensive flight through NokAir or find more about the countryside; temples, Lanna, and Burmese cultures. If you are traveling by road, make sure your car's fully ready for the trip ahead to avoid any breakdowns and accidents that might have you contacting legal experts like Naqvi Law.

Beside Chiang Mai, PAI offers a comfortable slumber abode for travelers and hippies from across the world. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the place, waterfalls, fresh air and the amazing nightlife that is just perfect for backpackers. Places like the northern belt are ideal if you like to bike around and rake in the site of Lanna. Check out the northern culture, yoga retreats, healthy lifestyle and organic food and juices for a fabulous time.

In Thailand, Railay is an exceptional island surrounded by a rugged landscape. Travel in a little boat to visit the ever famous spot called Railay in Krabi, which is an intriguing rock climbing place. Apart from it, Railay offers white sandy beaches, hidden coves and a vast array of limestone cliffs peeking out from aqua waters. These largely add to the grandeur and splendor of Railay.

A brief two-hour train ride away from Bangkok, Ayutthaya remained the capital of Siam for almost 417 years before it was invaded by Burmese insurgents and the capital later shifted to Bangkok. Constructed initially around 1350, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which tends to attract a multitude of visitors from every place just to check out the Angkor Wat, which will make your trip even more memorable. While you are here, do not forget to observe the profound Archeology and ancient temple ruins to study Thai culture & history.

This famous spot is situated near River Kwai, Kanchanaburi. It is a serene place that will make your tour even more indelible, especially if you want to escape the hustle and crowded places within the region. It has a World War II history, supporting the very famous 'Death Railway' bridge that is a connecting link between Rangoon and Bangkok. Do not forget to explore the waterfalls, beautiful national parks and swim spots before you head over to the Kwai River.