Safety is the number one concern when it comes to your family. As a parent, you will do anything in your power to make sure your children are out of harm’s way. This includes taking precautions at home. While the more obvious and extreme situations like a home invasion or fire are usually thought of, there are plenty of other situations that could seriously put your family in danger.
Sometimes there are things we forget or don’t realize might be putting us at risk. It’s standard to have a security system and fire detector for your house. After all, break-ins and fires are some of the most common dangers people associate with households. But other factors like gas leaking, poisonous animals, wounds, and other hazards can cause bodily harm and even death.

To protect your family from these things, we’ve created a list of 4 easy ways to make your home safer.

1. Gas Detector
Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and more common than you think. There are many gasses that are typically found in homes like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, and more.

Sometimes these gases can reach abnormal and dangerous levels. That’s why simply having a gas detector, better yet one designed in Sydney, can greatly improve your home’s safety. These detectors will be calibrated to your home’s climate, temperature, and regular gas levels. Then, they can let you know when things are off. Gas detectors are especially useful because without them, gas leaks are almost always undetectable.

2. Pest Traps
It doesn’t matter where you live—every place in the world has some sort of dangerous wildlife. Things like venomous snakes, bears, and spiders are just a few examples of the animals out there that can accidentally find their way into your home.

That’s why it’s important to have traps, insect/arachnid spray, pepper spray, and anything else you might need to protect yourself from unwanted and dangerous wildlife. Just keep these chemicals and equipment out of your children’s reach—you’re trying to take danger away from your house, not add more. 

3. Burglary Decoys
Most homes at this point come with security systems, and if not, it’s essential to install one. But, what if by chance someone is still able to get into your house? 

We recommend having a decoy “valuables” box for a burglar to take. An intruder’s main objective is to get out as fast as possible while making the largest profit. You can find a nice-looking box and fill it with cheap jewellery, fake silver, and anything else that seems convincing all for a small price. The moment a burglar finds it, they’ll leave none the wiser. The faster they leave, the safer your family is. 

4. First Aid Kit
Wounds are unpredictable but to be expected. This is especially when you have children who are prone to getting hurt. Unfortunately, it can take just one wound not properly cared for to have catastrophic effects. 

To make sure your family is safe, it’s important to have first-aid items like bandages, antiseptic, burn relief, and other supplies on hand. It’s also necessary that if your child has a medication that can save their life, like an EpiPen, inhaler, etc., that you have them in a location you can reach at any time. We suggest having multiples around the house in places that you, but not your younger children, can reach. 

We hope these four suggestions helped you find ways to make your home safer. If you aren’t already doing one of these four things, try them out! Your family and your children’s safety is the most important thing above all.