Having a new home is exciting and you probably have big ideas for making it your very own. If you want something clever that sets your home apart from all the others, there are lots of great ideas out there. For many of them, you'll want to hire a contractor to be sure the job gets done right, but others you can probably master on your own, especially if you have some experience with home improvements. Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to help you, these ideas are some of the best.

Lower Your Living Room to Create a Conversation Pit
Otherwise known as a sunken living room, lowering the space makes it feel cozy and a bit more secluded than you see in open concept homes. This is conducive to gathering with those you love and spending time talking and bonding. Fill the space with cushy furniture, warm throws and lots of pillows and you have a welcoming space for your family and anyone who visits your home.

Display Your Book Collection Under the Stairs
Converting the under part of your staircase into a mini library is a unique design idea that you don't see too often. Not only does it let you utilize otherwise wasted space, but it also helps you create a comfortable reading nook where you can store all of your favorite books and magazines. At the same time, you can put your favorite tomes on display so they aren't stuck in a box somewhere collecting dust.

Ask Your Contractor About Tacking on a Treehouse or Guesthouse
Entertaining is a big factor in your choice of home, but adding a treehouse or guesthouse mean you can host friends and family anytime you want to. A concrete patio is a great way to transition from your house to the additional space and keeps both areas a bit separated for privacy. Use Edmonton Concrete for a patio created by craftsmen built to last with attention to detail. Even if you don't use the new space to entertain, you increase the square footage of your home and have a place to relax, engage in hobbies or for your children to spend time with friends.

Maximize Your Space with Baseboard Drawers
Instead of having baseboards you simply look at, why not turn them into storage by converting them into drawers. While they won't be big, they're often an ideal size to store flat items and frees up space in your traditional cupboards and cabinets. You can use this idea in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Bring the Outdoors in With Accordion Glass Windows and Doors
Accordion windows and doors, true to their name, fold in upon themselves when open so they let the outside in without taking up a lot of space in your home. They're idea for creating a light filled space in your living areas and are great for catching a cross breeze and enjoying the air outside when it's not too hot or too cold. Not only are they convenient, but accordion doors and windows are visually appealing and add value to your home.