A child’s education is something that has the potential to really shape their lives in a good or bad way, and unlike was believed in the past, conventional education just isn’t the best fit for everyone. Nowadays we know that people have different learning styles, and the problem with many public schools is that they’re often stuck in the past and keep children boxed into one style of learning that they think everyone should adapt to, but this doesn’t work and just causes problems.

It is truly heartbreaking to see your child suffer in a place where they should be having fun and learning new things and having great experiences, but unfortunately in today’s education system, this just isn’t happening as much as it should be.

If you’re currently finding yourself in the situation where you’re finding that your child isn’t thriving at school as they should be, then as difficult as it can be, there are other options available to you that wouldn’t have been available in the past, so it’s really up to you which option you decide to go with.

Private education:
Whilst private schools have certainly been around for a long time, so they’re not exactly unknown, they do sometimes get a bit of a reputation as only places that rich or posh people, but this really isn’t the case, and lots of people who don’t consider themselves rich or posh are now opting for sending their children to private schools for various reasons. Of course, like public schools, not all private schools are the same, and whilst some will definitely offer a higher standard of education, not all are going to, and whilst some are going to be really expensive, some of them can actually be quite affordable, so it’s really about doing your research and seeing what’s around in your area.

Alternative schooling:
Nowadays we certainly have a lot more options when it comes to education than our parents or grandparents generation ever had, and this is in part due to a lot more awareness around things like different learning styles and also more acceptance around things like embracing creativity and supporting children who may need more personal learning experiences. There are options like gifted and talented schools that are great for accommodating these kinds of needs, and also Montessori schools which are well known and loved for their focus on the individual and really helping children thrive at what they love and where their talents lie.

Homeschooling is certainly an option if you feel like public school is not the best place for your child, and many parents are now choosing this route. The good thing about homeschooling is that it’s far more common these days, so there’s a lot of support out there for parents and children. It’s certainly a big responsibility, but definitely worth it, so if you’re willing and able to dedicate the time to schooling your child at home, then this could easily be a great alternative for them.