Sure, you might think that you’ve heard about all the weight loss tips in the book by now but a new year will, after all, also give you a fresh gust of motivation. Losing weight is something that a lot of people focus on during most of the year and especially around the time of January.

You might even have set yourself a goal in terms of how much weight you want to have lost by the end of the year - but it’s easier said than done to actually get there.

Image by: Pexels

If you, like so many, want to make it happen this year and start the roaring ‘20s with a slimmer body, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handful of ways to help you a bit along the way as well as a few methods to help you focus on your goals.

First: Don’t force yourself into exercise
It might sound strange, but scientists are increasingly asking that we debunk the myth that exercise helps us to lose weight. In fact, they say that it might even make the process of losing weight unnecessarily complex and scare some people away from the weight loss journey.

Yet, if exercise doesn’t really help you to lose weight, what’s even the point of putting in those hours at the treadmill? Being active and getting your heart rate up is still good for you, though, and it certainly makes you feel good afterwards but the point is that, in terms of losing weight, you will have to put in an awful amount of time before you see any results.

Those who exercise after they have lost weight, on the other hand, tend to maintain a healthy waistline compared to those who simply lost weight but didn’t continue to exercise afterwards. Use it as a way to stay healthy, feel good, and maintain your weight once you get there - but focus on other areas when you’re still in the process of losing weight.

Next: Eat less
So, if exercising in order to lose weight is over complicating the journey, what can you do to get to your ideal weight? Scientists are, in fact, making it very easy for us; just eat less and you will lose weight. No more forcing yourself to go for a morning jog before work, in other words, as you can simply watch your portions and focus on eating less in order to weigh a bit less as well.

There are so many ways to help you to eat less than you used to, by the way, and you can take Beta Hydroxybutyrate today to get started right away as it will keep you feeling full for longer.

This is another point to why you shouldn’t focus that much on working out as you should focus on eating less; after a good workout, most people would like to eat a larger portion as they’ve spent a lot of energy in the gym. Plus, they might feel a bit more inclined to treat themselves after a good hour at the gym and, before they know it, they’ve eaten up the same or even more amount of calories they burned at the gym.

Don’t make it too complicated, in other words, and spend your energy on eating healthy food, finding ways to feel full for a bit longer, and eat smaller portions instead. If you follow through with it, you will definitely lose weight.