Marriage in US has an approximately 50% divorce rate. It is quite alarming and I guess this is the best time to take resolving of marriage issues seriously. Marriage doesn’t have to end up in divorce if both partners know how to handle their issues the best way.
Taking care of marriage is like raising up a child. You need to give close attention and be spontaneous to nurture the marriage. Marriage is a constant working progress. Given the presence of love is always there, you cannot deny the fact mess comes in any way possible. And when things get wrong, never think that you married the wrong person. Spend some time looking at your relationship and what works best for both you to strengthen your relationship. Things might be easy or hard, but always remind yourself two is better than one.

In marriage, you need to keep the fire burning. To help you, we round up some ways on how you can save your marriage from divorce.

Marriage Counsellor
You are now a couple and as partners, a shift of attitude of one person will create an impact on the other, or on the entire marriage. helps married couples communicate effectively to resolve issues. They achieve best results in helping couples rebuild marriage. Having a counsellor is also a best way to figure out if anyone is suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other issues. In all honesty, married couples do not need to have an issue to consult a marriage counsellor. A couple counselling helps avoid more issues that may arise in the future and can help keep the marriage relationship alive.

Love Yourself
As they say, how you can love someone if you can't love yourself first. Loving yourself means, self-respect, value your worth and forgive yourself. Learning to know your importance and embrace your imperfections will allow you to do the same with your partner, and vice versa.

And anytime you feel stressed, tired, or you are bored, don’t be reluctant to treat yourself! Meet your friends, read a good book, go shopping, or do anything that makes you happy.

Don't make the mistake of giving too much to your partner. Try to devote all your time filling other people’s plates, your plate will more likely run empty. And that is when you will get hungry and everything can never be healthy.

Spend quality time together
You are together 24 hours today yet you are both busy with different things and you don’t even talk unless you discuss about what meal to prepare today. But having three or two hours together watching your fave movies, or playing chess, snuggle, or talking over coffee is way better. Keep in mind, quality is better than quantity. There are plenty of things you can do together, it keeps relationship intact, fun, and you get to know each other more.

Compliment each other
Giving compliments to your partner is one best way to make her/him feel appreciated. Compliments like “Your pants look good on you,” or “You are gorgeous today.” It might be little things, but try to compliment your partner every single day. Receiving positive compliments has the power to brighten one’s mood, even after a difficult day.

Most importantly, do not jump into marriage if you are not ready yet. Spend necessary time to evaluate every area of your life if you are ready enough to marry. Nobody wants to go through divorce and the devastating feeling after.