Nothing more can be as exciting as starting a life with the love of your life. It feels great to have a partner whom you can share the rest of your whole life with and build a family. When you vow to be with your partner through thick and thin forever, it only means not a single problem can tear your marriage apart.

It is very challenging to keep the relationship always strong. You need to build a solid foundation for a relationship to continue. And when things that are out of your control happened, you need to know what to do. In this post, let us tackle the simple formula to long lasting relationship.

It requires teamwork in developing the relationship and family. Starting up life with your partner can be initially overwhelming, but with the thinking that you are no longer alone to face anything the world throws at you, will make a huge difference. Don’t be scared of challenges that will come, keep in mind you are a team, and nothing can put both of you down. And ofcourse, nothing feels a lot fulfilling than to celebrate success with your partner. That is how the relationship works, good and bad times, you stick to each another.

Communication (Do’s and Don’ts)
Communication plays one of the biggest factor in marriage. Too often, couple crash in this department due to lack of knowledge how to properly handle certain situations. The simple formula is, talk as much as you listen.
  1. Never stop communicating, regardless you are happy or upset. 
  2. Make a commitment to tell each other how your days went. Spending time together with your partner talking about how you feel, your plans, and your favorite tv show builds rapport to both of you, and it gives a lot of room to learn more about each other. 
  3. Make an effort to express positive feelings towards everything.
  4. Avoid unhealthy conversation. 
  5. And when listening to your partner, avoid being defensive. You are entitled to your own opinion, so do your partner, but make sure you deliver your point across without hurting feelings. 
  6. When you are upset to your partner, talk. Let her/him know what upsets you. and come up with a solution. Never sleep without having the issue fixed.
  7. Don’t scream to your partner, it will never do any good to any of you. 
  8. Don’t mindread, building uncertain things in mind will more likely give you negative thoughts.
Maturity is important in any marriage. You are old enough to know what is right or wrong. Yet, we are just an normal human being, it is our nature to make mistakes. If you did something that really upsets your partner, own up. It is important to be accountable in everything you do, most especially if it turned out pretty bad. Show how responsible you are, how sorry you are and make a promise to yourself never do it again. 

Seek help
If things go wrong and you no longer know how to handle things, there are people who can help you out. A therapist plays a big role in a conflicted marriage. will give both of you assessment, and will be there to advice and guide you to make your relationship work again. You have come a long way to just easily give up your marriage. Always keep in mind, there are people around you who can help, don't be afraid to seek help whenever you need it.