Before the Christmas season rolls around, there is a common question that fills many households. Where will the Christmas tree come from this year? The world seems split between real and artificial trees. On the one side, there are those folks who are desiring the whole experience of cutting their tree down, dragging it home, wrangling it into the stand, and lying beneath the dropping needles and sap while they trust someone looking on to let them know when it’s straight. Then there are those who enjoy the fact that they can set up their artificial tree as soon as they like with no fear of it dying before the big day. They love taking their time, easily putting it up knowing it will always look perfectly straight and fresh with no messy cleanup or disposal after the holidays. There is the small issue of price because artificial trees tend to cost a little more up front. However, what if there was a way to make that investment even more worthwhile? Why not keep your tree up all year long?

Keep The Spirit All Year

This isn’t in the same line of thinking as keeping the outside Christmas lights up all year because you don’t want to get back on the ladder and take them down before summer approaches. This is a practical and fun idea for the whole family to enjoy and a great way to help keep the ‘holiday spirit’ alive throughout the year. Consider how many holiday seasons would benefit from a special display on your tree. Think outside the box and look at your artificial tree with fresh eyes. Start with a green tree and twinkling lights from a great company like Balsam Hill and then imagine all of the decorations associated with the upcoming holidays that could be celebrated using your tree
  • Red ornaments and hearts for Valentine’s Day
  • Pastel ornaments and tulips for Spring and Easter
  • Red, white, and blue ornaments for Summer and Independence Day
  • Orange, purple, and golden ornaments for Autumn and Thanksgiving

Make New Traditions  

If you have a special place that your Christmas tree occupies each year, why not make it the designated holiday space all year long? Check out different ideas and sizes from various tree makers. Balsam Hill Reviews and those like it are great places to start to determine which tree is the best fit for your home. Imagine your children or grandchildren happily surprised when they see each new holiday or season lovingly displayed. Even better, have them help you change it over each time so they can learn decorating skills and experience new family traditions. Charm your guests when they stop by and let them see how creative and festive you are.

Look Forward To Every Holiday

You probably already put up a new wreath with each new season, why not a full tree display? Take your decorating even further and make it a holiday room. Use your tree as a centerpiece and then as you do with Christmas, extend the decorations onto the mantle, side tables, and even your dining table. Celebrate each holiday for its own festive color and theme. Make it a special tradition to visit shops after each holiday and add to your decorations for the next year. By the time the new season approaches, it will be like opening new gifts you set aside from the year before.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait until next Christmas to start this colorful tradition! Find a wonderful, artificial tree now and start right away. Pick the perfect location and look for fun, whimsical ornaments and more lights of different colors. Even look for the perfect tree skirt. The best part, besides all of the decorating fun you will have, is that your tree will be all set up for when Christmas rolls around again. All you have to do is put on the new ornaments.