Exercises that you can do on your yoni egg should be selected based on what you think would be best for you.  A number of women need help dealing with their lower bodies, and they will work very hard to find a way to get their bodies back into shape doing exercises that are quite unique.  The lady who has started to do her exercises on the yoni egg will feel like a brand new person, and she will be empowered because she has core strength that is unmatched.

1.  Kegels
You might start looking at various yoni eggs for sale because you want to do your kegels and keep your body as strong as possible. The kegel is a vaginal exercise that includes the contraction of several muscles including your core.  Having your body on the yoni egg allows you a little resistance so that you can do a full contraction with the kegels, and you should do the kegels at least once a day so that you can feel your body strengthen.

2.  Vaginal Weights
Doing the vaginal weight lift involves using your core to tug on the ball and stand slightly.  You are proving to yourself that you have the power to lift the egg, and you must use all your strength to lift the egg and set it back down.  You do not drop the egg.  You simply set it back down and rest on the egg again.  A woman who is doing her weight lifting will feel much strong.

3.  The Tuck
The pelvic tuck is the perfect way for you to check your posture when you are on the egg.  You will sit on the egg and tuck your hips under while maintaining your balance.  The purpose of this exercise is to make sure that you have used the tuck to maintain your balance and prove to yourself that you have enough core strength.  You should use the tuck when you have been dealing with pelvic pain because it will stretch some tendons in your hips, and you will strength your core by holding in all that tension.

4.  Advanced Kegels
Advanced kegels involve using more pressure and extra reps.  You should complete one kegel flex, complete another, and go through five or ten before resting.  You could shift on the egg and try again, or you might move on to the weight lifting.  Advanced kegels are rapid blitzes of your body that will force it to use more muscles at one time.  You will have a stronger core, and you will have a much stronger vaginal system because you have been using the yoni exercises on a regular basis.

The four exercises that you see above will change the way that you manage your body, and you could do them when you are pregnant, when you are trying to recover from a pregnancy, or when you are older and trying to keep your body in top physical condition.  Buy a yoni egg you like and get started right away.